18 agosto 2010

Dark Lover by Brenda Joyce - Masters of Time #5 -

A broken man...Ian Maclean’s arrogance hides a terrible secret—for decades he was held prisoner by demons. Not a day goes by that he isn’t tormented by his darkest fears of powerlessness. Now he is about to sell to the highest bidder a page he’s stolen from the Book of Power—if one women doesn’t stop him.

Every Rose woman has her destiny

Slayer Samantha Rose’s latest mission is to recover the stolen page—and get payback from the only man who’s ever rejected her. What she hasn’t counted on is the raging attraction between them—or her growing realization of what Maclean has survived. As the powers of the evil from his past gather, Sam will do anything to help him—even if it means following him into time and facing his worst nightmares with him...

A woman with enough destiny for them both


Nick stood. “And I bet you’ll do anything to get in his way, won’t you?”

Sam slowly smiled. “Oh, yeah,” she said, with relish.

His stare hardened. “Do not let him out of your sight tonight.”

Sam saluted.

“There’s nothing like a woman scorned,” Nick suddenly grinned. “I’m sort of glad he pissed you off.”

“I’m not pissed off. And I hate to tell you, I wasn’t scorned. But, Nick? I’m better than the cliché. I don’t get mad, I get even—and then some.”

"I’m counting on it.”

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